Romans 5:2 — Access to God

“Through whom we gained access by faith into this grace in which we stand.”

– Romans 5:2

Apostle Paul tells us that all born-again Christians have “access” to God and His grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. We must stop for a second and pay close attention to what Paul is saying about having “access” to the God of the Universe.

Imagine being told that you had access to a very powerful person in this world. Perhaps you have ambitions about working your way up the ladder in finance, real estate, fashion, or education and you had the ability to pick up the phone and call the most influential person in that industry and ask him or her for advice or even a position. This would obviously make us happy and excited and could even ease the stress of an uncertain future.

However, in this verse we are told that we have access to God at anytime, all the time, and in any situation regardless of what condition we may be in. Having access to the Lord of lords and the King of kings is far more exciting and rewarding than having access to a mere human being in one industry. Access to God means access to the creator of the cosmos—an infinite being, which has every industry, institution, country, and galaxy at His fingertips.

The question remains, are we using this heavenly access to God and His blessings?

Our access to God is not based upon on our efforts, righteous acts, or even our own independent faith. We do not need to wait until we are “good Christians” before we approach Him. Access to God is based solely on faith through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our prayer must be for the Lord to open our spiritual eyes to see what is out there in the heavenly places in His presence.

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